LADAMER Land degradation assessment in Mediterranean Europe
Time span: December 2002 - November 2005
Aim: The objective is to provide an assessment of the degradation status of Mediterranean lands on small scales, and the identification of hot spot areas subject to high desertification/degradation risk.
Description: The LADAMER Project proposes an integrated approach to Land Degradation Assessments in Mediterranean Europe. The project aims at supplying products relevant to national and international institutional end-users. The approach is based on an integration of expertise in landscape ecology and soil science, remote sensing, spatial analysis and integrated land use modelling. Different models and techniques that have already proven their validity on local to subregional scale will be modified to permit their application on regional scales. The project will use existing data on European land-use, soils and terrain elevation, climatic recordings used for agroclimatic modelling on European scale, remote sensing data archives from the VEGETATION and AVHRR systems, and regionalised socio-economic data.
Countries: Mediterranean member states of the European Communities; partners in Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Portugal
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