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Scientific publications resulting from research in the DESIRE project, relating to the Yan River Basin study site.
List correct as of 11 April 2013



  • WANG Fei, MU Xing-min, LI Rui and JIAO Ju-ying. 2008. Runoff and sediment change based on paired-years with similar precipitation in the Beiluo River. Journal of Water Resources and Water Engineering, VOL 19, No 6, P: 24-28 [linked to WBs 1, 2 and 4]
  • MO Li, WANG Yong, WANG Fei, MU Xing-min. 2007. Analysis of the Runoff Cost for Sediment Control by Soil and Water Conservation Measures in North China. BULLETIN OF SOIL AND WATER CONSERVATION, VOL 27, No 6, P 90-94 [linked to WBs 1 and 2]
  • CONG Huai-jun, ZHANG Xing-chang, ZHANG Zhou-ping, JIAO Feng, WEN Zhong-ming. 2007. Spatio-Temporal Variance of Vegetation Index of Cropland to Forest and Grass in Loess Hilly Region. JOURNAL OF SOIL AND WATER CONSERVATION, VOL 21. NO 4, P 81-84 [linked to WBs 1 and 2]
  • JIAO Feng, WEN Zhong-ming, WANG Yong, CHEN Yun-ming. 2007. Spatio-Temporal Variation of Soil Water Reservoir Capacity on Loess Hilly Region Using GIS Techniques. JOURNAL OF SOIL AND WATER CONSERVATION, VOL 21, NO 3, P 128-132  [linked to WBs 2, 4 and 5.]
  • WANG Fei, MU Xing-min, LI Rui, JIAO Ju-ying. Change Characteristic of the Runoff and Sediment Under the Similar Precipitation Condition in the Beiluohe River. 2008. Journal of Water Resources And Water Engineering, Vol. 19, No. 6, page 36-40, ISSN 1672-643X, CN 61-1413/TV (published)
  • LU Xiang-hui, MU Xing-min, Vinay Nangia, SUI Yan-yan, YAO Yu-qing, WANG Fei, GAO Peng. Validation of the effect of DSSAT model on winter wheat under conservation tillage treatments in west Henan. Agricultural Research in the Arid Areas. 2010, (3): 64-70
  • WANG Qunxing, LI Rui, WANG Fei, MU Xing-min. Impact of Human Activities on the Runoff and Sediment Change of the Yan River Based on the Similar Precipitation Condition. Bulletin of Soil and Water Conservation. 2010, 20(3): 15-20
  • LI Jin-peng, WANG Fei, MU Xing-min, LI Rui, YANG Qin-ke. Impacts of Landuse Change on Ecosystem Services Value in the Yanhe River Basin. Research of Soil and Water Conservation, 2010, 17(3):110-114
  • Wang Fei, Li Rui, Yang Qinke, Jiao Juying.2009, Policy development of soil and water conservation in the Loess Plateau. SCIENCE OF SOIL AND WATER CONSERVATION, Vol.7, No1, 103-107
  • ZHANG Jin-xin, MU Xing-min, WANG Fei, Peter R.hobbs, LIU Yu-lan. Technology and Policy Orientation of Conservation Agriculture Based on Soil Quality. Research of Soil and Water Conservation, 2009,16(1): 264-268
  • LIU Yu-lan, MU Xing-min ,WANG Fei ,LI Jin-peng ,WANG Jian. Research on Cropping System Regionalization of the Loess Plateau Region. Journal of Henan Agricultural Sciences, 2009, (4): 59-64
  • JIAO Feng, WEN Zhong-ming, CONG Huai-jun. Makeup of Soil Water Reservoir and Its Quantitative Analysis in the Loess Hilly Region——A Case Study of Ansai County,Shaanxi Province. Research of Soil and Water Conservation, 2009, (2)
  • WANG Fei, MU Xing-min, JIAO Ju-ying, LI Rui. Natural Runoff Stage Analysis Controlled by the Least Duration of Each Stage of the Yellow River. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, 2009, (3): 34-37
  • WANG Fei , MU Xing-min ,JIAO Ju-ying, LI Rui. 2008, Impact of human activities on runoff and sediment change of Yanhe River based on the periods divided by sediment concentration. JOURNAL OF SEDIMENT RESEARCH, No4:8-13
  • YUE Man, CHANG Qing-rui, WANG Fei, HUO Ai-di. Research Progress in Soil Organic Carbon Storage. Chinese Journal of Soil Science, 2008, 39(5):1173 ~1178
  • LU Xiang-hui, SUI Yan-yan, WANG Fei, MU Xing-min. The conservation tillage technique and it's influences on farmland environment. AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH IN THE ARID AREAS. 2007, 25(3): 66-72
  • Wang Fei, Li Rui, Mu Xingmin, Yang Qinke (in prep)  Impact of Land Use and Cover Change (LUCC) on Runoff and Sediment Load of the Yan River, China. Catena, DESIRE special issue
  • Wang Fei, Zhang Jinxin, Gudrun SCHWILCH, Li Rui, Wen Zhongming (in prep) Desertification Control Options with Multi-stakeholders workshops in Ansai County, China.  Land Degradation and Development, DESIRE special issue
  • WANG Fei, LI Rui,MU Xingmin (in prep)  The evolution of policy for soil and water conservation in the Yellow River Basin, China.  Land Degradation and Development, DESIRE special issue



  • Sustainable Land Management in the Highlands of Asia, Shangri-La Workshop 2009, 18-22 May, 2009, Northwest Yunnan, China (Two Presentations):  a The regional reforestation & its impact on runoff & sediment in Loess Plateau by Professor Rui Li; b DESIRE project  (Desertification mitigation and remediation of land--a global approach for local solutions) and its progress in the Loess Plateau by Fei Wang
  • Wang Fei, Li Rui, Gudrun Schwilch, Hanspeter Liniger. 2010. Selecting SLM Technologies Using Stakeholder Workshops in the Loess Plateau. International Conference on Combating Land Degradation in Agricultural Areas (LANDCON1010) Xi’an, China  
  • WANG Fei, MU Xingmin, LI Rui. 2008. Compliant Policy for Sustainable Water Resources Management in the Yellow River Basin, China. International conference of "Water for Future Generations", Yangling, China
  • Jinxin Zhang, Qingxin Liu, Xingmin Mu, Fei Wang, Qi Lu, Ping Meng, Faqi Wu, Haixia Wei. Configuration of Soil and Water Conservation Tillage Technology Based on Farming System Regionalization of the Loess Plateau. Proceedings of the International Conference on Combating Land Degradation in Agricultural Areas (LANDCON 1010). October 11 to 15, 2010:285-289
  • Wang Fei. 2010. Dryland farming and conservation tillage technologySouth-South Cooperation on Science and Technology to Address Climate Change Applicable Technology Manual. China Science and Technology Exchange Center (Edition 1). November 8, 2010, page 40 (two editions: in English, in Chinese)




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