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The Yan River Basin study site is located north-east of the city of Yan'an in Shaanxi province, China.


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The Loess Plateau region is well known for its deep loess deposits and serious soil erosion. The average soil loss is 3720 tons/km²/year. According long-term data, the Yellow river sediment load is 1.6 billion tons/year, about 90% of which comes from the Loess Plateau region. The Loess Plateau soil erosion area is 430,000 km², accounting for 81.1 % of total area. Every year about 0.01 to 2 cm topsoil is washed away. One of the reasons for the high erosion rates is the semi-arid climate of the region.


DESIRE can contribute to give a sound scientific data basis for regional resources management, to define suitable indicators and methods of qualitative and quantitative evaluation of land degradation, and to promote a scientific plan for combating soil erosion.


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