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From framework to action: the DESIRE approach to combat desertification Print

R. Hessel (1), C. Ritsema (1), M. Reed (2), G. van Lynden (3), C. Karavitis (4), G. Schwilch (5), V. Jetten (6), N. Geeson (7), E. van den Elsen (1), and S. Verzandvoort (1)

(1) Alterra, Soil Science Centre, Wageningen, Netherlands ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ), (2) Aberdeen University, (3) ISRIC, (4) Agriculatural University of Athens, (5) CDE, (6) ITC, (7) MEDES


It has become increasingly clear that desertification can only be tackled through a multi-disciplinary approach that not only involves scientists but also stakeholders. In the DESIRE project such an approach was taken. As a first step, a conceptual framework was developed in which the processes that cause desertification where described and in which the processes where identified that could be influenced by DESIRE. This could be done through 2 loops, namely the sustainable management loop and the policy loop. Next, a methodological framework was developed in which the methodological steps taken in the DESIRE approach were listed and their logic and sequence were explained. The last step was to develop a concrete working plan to put the project into action, describing the tasks and actions to be undertaken by the different project partners, and involving stakeholders throughout the process. This 3 step approach can be a blueprint for other projects that aim to reduce land degradation.





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