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A report on the results of the first DESIRE stakeholder workshop on "Land degradation and desertification - existing and potential prevention and mitigation strategies" held in Quilamapu, Chillán, Chile. 17, 18 December, 2007.

Authors: Carlos Ovalle, Carlos Ruiz, Alejandra Engler.




  • The Mediterranean dryland area is located in the VII and VIII Region of Chile. It covers an area of 800.000 hectares. The average rainfall is 640 mm per year, heavily concentrated in the winter season. The population is around 100.000 and 19.000 families.


  • A history of overuse of natural resources (land and water), bad cropping practices and abusive extraction of native plantations have placed high pressure on soil and water conservation.


Selection of technologies and approaches



Final comments

  • Participants agree in concluding that one of the main factors affecting degradation is inappropriate practices.
  • Solutions proposed imply right incentives, education, and participative extension programs.
  • Generating the right technologies still requires more evaluation and research.


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