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Scientific publications resulting from research in the DESIRE project, relating to the Ribeira Seca study site.
List correct as of 11 April 2013


  • Co-organization of an International Seminar/workshop - Brasil-Cape Verde, on “Environmental Degradation in semi-arid regions”. Presentation of a theme entitled “Soil erosion in Cape Verde – Case study of Ribeira Seca”



  • Jacques Tavares, António D. Ferreira, Philippe Amiotte-Suchet, Antonio Querido, Celeste Coelho, Isaurinda Baptista (in prep). Assessment and mapping of desertification sensitivity in an insular sahelian mountain region – case study of the Ribeira Seca Watershed, Cape Verde. Catena, DESIRE special issue
  • Isaurinda Baptista, A.D. Ferreira, Jacques Tavares, A. Querido, E. A. Reis, Violette Geissen, C.  Ritsema,  and A. Varela (in prep)  Soil and water conservation strategies and impact on sustainable livelihood in Cape Verde – Case study of Ribeira Seca watershed. Land degradation and Development, DESIRE special issue
  • Jacques Tavares, Antonio Ferreira, Amarildo Reis, Isaurinda Baptista, Adriano Furtado, João O. Carvalho, Lenira Costa, Regla Amoros, Celeste Coelho, Liliane Cardoso, Deisi Alves (in prep) DESIRE methodology for selecting strategies to combat desertification based on stakeholder knowledges in Cape Verde Archipelago. Land degradation and Development, DESIRE special issue
  • FERREIRA AJD, TAVARES J, BAPTISTA I, COELHO COA, REIS A, VARELA L & BENTUB J (2010) Efficiency of overland and erosion mitigation techniques at Ribeira Seca, Santiago Island, Cape Verde. in Surface Runoff and Overland Flow. Hydrological Science and Engineering Book Séries, Nova Science Publishers, New York (in Press).





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