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Instituto Nacional de Investigação e Desenvolvimento Agrário

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Founded in 1979, INIDA has as main obligations the research and development in the field of agrarian technologies and natural resources management; the diffusion of scientific and technical knowledge available for the agriculture, forestry, husbandry and environmental sectors; the professional education and higher education in the agriculture, forestry, husbandry and environmental areas. INIDA has special responsibilities in the combat to desertification in Cape Verde, having produced the existing studies on desertification, erosion and soil and water conservation.
INIDA has two Departments: (1) Department for Agriculture and Husbandry; (2) Environmental Sciences Department.
Being the research and development agency of the Cape Verde Government for agriculture and environment, INIDA is the main responsible for the erosion and desertification studies in the Country, and the local focal point for the UNCCD. Close relations will be established with other Governmental Institutions with relevance for the desertification combat. Furthermore, INIDA will establish links to the local authorities whenever necessary to implement field trials and for dissemination purposes.


http://www.inida.cv/ (link expired)


PO Box 84
Cabo Verde

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Isaurinda Baptista

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Overall team coordinator under DESIRE, INIDA's Director of Research, she is specialist in soils with a wide experience in field and laboratory soil research.

Jacques de Pina Tavares


MSc in erosion risk cartography (Dijon), he is finishing his PhD in Soil Erosion quantification (Dijon). Ing. Jacques Tavares will act as Technical and Scientific Coordinator under DESIRE

Isildo Gomes

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Has a degree in Biology by the Coimbra University and a Master in Natural Resources Management by the ISA-UTLisbon. He is finishing a Ph.D. in the same institution. He devoted most of his professional life to Nature conservation, being one of the main responsible for the implementation of Nature Protected Areas in Cape Verde. He is INIDA's President.
Amarildo dos Reis   Has a degree on Watershed Management/Hydrology (Arizona). Under DESIRE he will work on soil and water degradation processes monitoring and soil and water management techniques.
João Moreno Spencer


Is a specialist in Agro-meteorology and in GIS and Remote Sensing. He has a degree given by the AGRHYMET- Niamey, and a Post-graduation in GIS by IAO- Italia. He was the responsible for the ROSELTE project at INIDA. He is the responsible for the Climate monitoring and analysis and for Remote Sensing under DESIRE.
João Olímpio Mendes de Carvalho   Has a degree in Agronomy with interests in soils and agro-chemistry given by the (Moscow), and a MSc in Geography, (Remote sensing and soil conservation by the Oregon State University). His interests lie on soil conservation and soil salinization processes and amendment.



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