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Major stakeholders

The first and major users involved in natural resource management and desertification are the Regione Basilicata, in particular the regional agency ALSIA, Consorzio di bonifica del Vulture e Alto Bradano (CBV)  and the Autorità di Bacino del Fiume Ofanto, which coincide with the Autorità di Bacino della Puglia(AbP). The first two showed an immediate interest in our project. They are our main two stakeholders at watershed scale.


Local technical schools (agrarian/environmental) contacted for dissemination activity (seminars initiated in the 2008) :

  • Agrarian and Environmental Professional Insitute. Genzano di Lucania (Potenza) Italy
  • Agrarian Technical State Institute Lavello (Potenza) Italy


Land users. There are several local representatives of the national farmer association and farmer’s unions working locally to support associated farmers in various aspect related to agricultural development and promotion of  local production, technical, legislative, fiscal assistance, EU policy implementation and relationships with National and regional authorities and policies. The main farmer associations are:

  • CIA (Confederazione Italiana Agricoltori): Italian farmer association with 900.000 members at national level and with capillary distribution at local regional scale. Founded in the 1977. Local representative is CIA-BASILICATA; Via Pascoli, 25 , 85024 Lavello http://www.ciabasilicata.org (link expired). A branch of CIA is AGIA -Associazione dei Giovani Imprenditori Agricoli (young farmers association; www.agia.it)
  • COLDIRETTI (www.coldiretti.it): Italian farmer association at National level and with capillary distribution at local regional scale. Founded in the 1946. Based fundamentally on Christian Catholic principles.
  • COPAGRI (Confederazione Produttori Agricoli): farmers’s union fonded in the 1990’s, that has regional and provincial distribution in Basilicata (http://www.ssabasilicata.it/COPAGRI).


Note: The farmers' willingness to cooperate with the DESIRE project in a formal way was really low, since they declared themselves not available for meetings, questionnaires and other time-keeping activities. Therefore, in order to collect the information necessary for the project's aims, some farmers were contacted and interviewed in an informal way, sometimes in the field. Only in February 2008 and November 2008 were two meetings with a small number of selected users organised, with the aim of finding ways to raise the interest of larger groups of users (including farmers). These workshops were promoted with the support of the CBV and ALSIA organizations.


Sustainability Goals

Goal 1 Conservation and maintenance of soil and water resources
Goal 2 Maintenance of forest ecosystem and vitality with special regards to functionality to preserve groundwater recharge and  water quality
Goal 3 Maintenance  of  ecosystem through guided adaptation  to climatic changes
Goal 4 Suggest improvement  and adaptation of  current policy and legal tools in order to tackle future trends involving soil and water conservation
Goal 5 Suggest solution  to present contradictions in soil conservation regional policies

 Source: expert estimate, study site leader.


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