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The Rendina study site is located in Basilicata, southern Italy. It is north of Potenza and centred near the town of Venosa.


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The Rendina catchment is a strategic catchment because of the essential role it will play in mitigating the effect of global warming and desertification in the surrounding areas, under the condition that it is well managed and its functions conserved and improved. Hence the present situation in the Rendina basin is not one of desertification but of degradation, mainly due to excessive sediment production and agricultural mismanagement. The catchment of the Rendina reservoir is an area where desertification has not yet shown dramatic negative effects, also because irrigation and water storage in the reservoir mitigate it. At the same time, saving water quality in the whole catchment requires a catchment approach, which may be complemented by a field-size approach if needed. The former is necessary and the latter is probably advisable but not strictly needed.


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