VULCAN Vulnerability assessment of shrubland ecosystems in Europe under climatic changes
Time span: January 2001 - December 2004
Aim: The overarching goal is to assess the vulnerability of European shrubland ecosystems and the rate and extent of changes in these ecosystems as affected by climate change.
Description: VULCAN investigates the these impacts by experimental manipulations of 6 shrub land ecosystems in Europe and studies of the effects of warming and drought on plant, soil, fauna and soil water processes. Temperature manipulations are done as nighttime warming and drought as 2- month summer drought. Based on the experimental results and existing knowledge on management impacts on shrub land ecosystems an expert system is developed to conduct vulnerability scenarios for shrub lands in order to evaluate and prioritise management actions. The results are further integrated with experiences from potential end users through an end user panel and management guidelines to counteract climate change effects on shrub lands are developed.
Countries: Field sites in Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Hungary, UK, and Denmark; Partners in the same countries and in Estonia
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