TERON Tillage Erosion: Current State, Future Trends and Prevention
Time span: March 1997 - August 2000
Aim: The aim of the project is to provide information and tools to remediate and/or prevent the problem of tillage erosion.
Description: Under conditions of mechanised agriculture, tillage erosion is a very important process contributing enormously to soil degradation. Though the indirect effect of tillage operations on soil erosion by water has long been recognised, the direct effect on downhill movement of soil has largely been neglected. The major objectives of the project are (1) collect the necessary data to assess the extent of tillage erosion and its effect on soil quality in Europe (current status), (2) to predict likely future effects of tillage erosion on soil quality and (3) to develop tools and guidelines for the prevention of tillage erosion.
Countries: Partners in Belgium, UK, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal
Website: http://www.fi.cnr.it/irpi/teron.htm (link expired)