SENSOR Sustainability Impact Assessment: Tools for Environmental, Social and Economic Effects of Multifunctional Land Use in European Regions
Time span: December 2004 - November 2008
Aim: SENSOR will develop science based ex-ante Sustainability Impact Assessment Tools (SIAT) to support decision making on policies related to multifunctional land use in European regions.
Description: The technical objective of SENSOR is to build, validate and implement sustainability impact assessment tools (SIAT), including databases and spatial reference frameworks for the analysis of land and human resources in the context of agricultural, regional and environmental policies. The scientific challenge is to establish relationships between different environmental and socio-economic processes as characterised by indicators considered to be quantitative measures of sustainability. Scenario techniques will be used within an integrated modelling framework, reflecting various aspects of multifunctionality and their interactions. The focus will be on European sensitive regions, particularly those in accession countries, since accession poses significant questions for policy makers regarding the socio-economic and environmental effect of existing and proposed land use policies.
Countries: The consortium includes 33 partner institutions from 15 European countries and 6 partner institutes from China and South America


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