Soil conservation and protection strategies for Europe

Time span: November 2002 - October 2005
Aim: SCAPE aims to develop a platform that recommends (1) which soil functions should be conserved and protected to support sustainable development and (2) how this should be done.
Description: SCAPE is a concerted action funded by the European Commission. It will provide opportunities for discussing the development and application of soil conservation and protection strategies. It will consider data on soils and their use, including the socio-economic driving forces. It will support the organisations responsible in their efforts to obtain the data and information needed for end users and the sustainable protection and conservation of European soils. To achieve its mission SCAPE will set up working groups that will collect and review information and organise four European workshops where soil conservation/protection and other scientists, data users and providers and policy makers can discuss and review soil conservation and protection strategies in contrasted regions of Europe.
Countries: Partners in the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Israel and France.
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