RECONDES Conditions for Restoration and Mitigation of Desertified Areas Using Vegetation
Time span: February 2004 - April 2007
Aim: The major objective is to produce practical guidelines on the conditions for use of vegetation in areas vulnerable to desertification, taking into account spatial variability in geomorphological and human-driven processes related to degradation and desertification.
Description: The focus of RECONDES is to address the mitigation of desertification processes by the means of innovative techniques using vegetation in specific landscape configurations prone to severe degradation processes. The project will combine the understanding of the mechanisms of land degradation and of the critical soil conditions necessary for maintaining and restoring soil and land quality and ecosystem health to identify how and where vegetation could be used to mitigate desertification. It will identify the conditions or thresholds, which have to be attained or retained for vegetation growth and survival and examine where those conditions are found. It will match those conditions against the processes of degradation to identify where treatments or restoration will be most effective. It will identify innovative measures, which might be taken to create or maintain conditions. Crucially, it will examine linkages within the landscape at different scales to determine the key points for intervention.
Countries: Field site in Spain (Cárcavo catchment in the Murcia region), 6 partners from UK, Belgium, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands
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