PESERA Pan-European soil erosion risk assessment
Time span: April 2000 - October 2003
Aim: The main goal of PESERA is to develop, calibrate and validate a physically based and spatially distributed model to quantify soil erosion at a regional scale.
Description: A physically based and spatially distributed model will be developed, calibrated and valuated to quantify soil erosion in a nested strategy of focussing on environmentally sensitive areas relevant to European scale. Accurate databases will be compiled and upgraded through satellite image processing and computational techniques. The project will concentrate on promoting a robust and flexible model by demonstrating its performance at different resolutions and across agroecological zones, and by ensuring its relevance to policy makers through impact assessment and scenario analysis. A strong expert and end-user network will be established across Europe.
Countries: Europe-wide; partners in Belgium, UK, France, Italy, Greece, Spain and the Netherlands
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