PAP/RAC Priority Actions Programme / Regional Activity Centre
Time span: long term
Aim: The centre's aim is to address immediate problems of a developmental nature and their effects on the coastal environment and its resources, through practical activities in several fields. The intention is to induce swift results through the use of sound environmental management practices. Importantly, coastal areas comprise not only their marine and terrestrial parts but also their adjacent river basins.
Description: The common objective is the creation of a healthier Mediterranean environment, resting on the principle of sustainable development. PAP/RAC offers technical assistance through the provision of workshops and specialist training. Thanks to a wide network of partnerships with experts, institutions and organisations, it has developed broad pan-Mediterranean outreach capabilities. It also publishes research, guidelines, technical reports and manuals as part of its core capacity-building strategy and coordinates local projects that typically involve the participation of many local bodies.
Countries: based in Croatia, 21 Mediterranean countries involved


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