MEDRATE Mediterranean Rainfed Agriculture Technologies Evaluation
Time span: September 2000 - July 2002
Aim: This project aims to evaluate and assess the impact and adoption of agricultural technologies specially adapted to rainfed agriculture within the framework of well described and defined agricultural systems.
Description: The evaluation and the assessment of impact will be carried at three levels: research, onfarm trials and demonstration; and at-farm level, using quantitative and qualitative data. Data collection will be done by using experimental data and through surveys. Specific scientific and technical objectives are (1) to characterise pilot areas and evaluate main constraints and potentialities of representative rainfed agricultural systems in 7 Mediterranean Countries (Algeria, Egypt, Italy, Morocco, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey) representative of the main rainfed agricultural systems; and (2) to evaluate, at the levels of Research, On-Farm Trials and Farmer, agricultural techniques adapted to rainfed agriculture in the field of Land & Water management, Crop Production, Animal Production, Forestry and Technical and Socio-Economic management.
Countries: Participating countries: Algeria, Egypt, Italy, Morocco, Spain, Syria, Tunisia and Turkey
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