MEDACTION Policies for land use to combat desertification
Time span: January 2001 - March 2004
Aim: MEDACTION aims at assessing the main issues underlying the causes and effects of land degradation; and at developing integrated policy options and mitigation strategies to combat desertification in the Northern Mediterranean region.
Description: As in most other semi-arid regions, desertification in the Mediterranean region is largely a society-driven problem which can be effectively managed only through a thorough understanding of the principal ecological, socio-cultural and economic driving forces associated with land use and climate change, and their impacts. For this reason, MEDACTION adopts an integrated, multidisciplinary approach, involving social and natural scientists as well as the principal stakeholders in the region to: develop land use change scenarios at various scales; analyse effects of past policies in four target areas; analyse the costs of land degradation and benefits of mitigation measures; and develop options for land use policies, mitigation strategies, and incentives to combat desertification. MEDACTION will develop an information and decision-support base on land degradation to assist decision-makers from the local to the European level in the formal and informal decision and policy making process to combat desertification in the Northern Mediterranean Region.
Countries: Target areas in Portugal, Spain, Greece and Italy; partners in Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, UK and the Netherlands.
Website: (link expired)
NB: MEDACTION forms a cluster with GEORANGE, MEDRAP and DESERTLINKS, see also these project descriptions and their websites


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