LUCINDA Land care in desertification affected areas: from science towards application
Time span: April 2006 - March 2008
Aim: The objectives of LUCINDA are to:
1) provide a concise and comprehensive information pack containing guidelines for sustainable land management in desertification-affected areas derived from the scientific results of past and on-going EU research projects;
2) make this information available to regional and local authorities who, through national participation in the UNCCD, have a specific mandate to combat desertification.
Description: Description: During recent decades great progress has been made by the scientific community in understanding the nature and complex causes of land degradation and desertification in Europe. Despite efforts (particularly in FP5) to assemble and present the results for practical application, there is still a wealth of research results that have not been fully exploited nor made accessible to those who can benefit from them.
Countries: no field sites; 5 partner countries


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