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LADA Land Degradation Assessment in Drylands
Time span: 2005 - 2009
Aim: The LADA project aims to assess causes, status and impact of land degradation in drylands in order to improve decision making for sustainable development in drylands at local, national, subregional and global levels.
Description: The project's purpose is to develop and test an effective assessment methodology for land degradation in drylands. By marshalling the extensive knowledge and varied expertise already available worldwide, by creating a new, more interactive and comprehensive framework of assessment methods, and by capacity building and testing this framework in real-world situations, LADA is putting together the pieces of a global challenge. Once the tools and the data required in order to understand the root causes, driving forces and functioning of the degradation puzzle are in place, it will be possible to assess land degradation at global, national and sub-national levels to identify status and trends; hotspots and bright spots of desertification.
Countries: Senegal, Argentina, Cuba, South Africa, Tunisia and China are pilot countries.
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