GEORANGE Geomatics in the assessment and sustainable management of Mediterranean rangelands
Time span: January 2001 - March 2004
Aim: The project aims at formalising concepts and strategies for multi-functional range assessments and the design and implementation of management plans, based on a dedicated software environment that includes range-specific remote sensing and GIS-related processing modules for end-users.
Description: The GeoRange approach is based on an adequate consideration of the multi-functionality of Mediterranean rangelands. Drawing from conceptual research and specific field studies, the project aims at creating an efficient documentation, management and decision support environment. This will be dedicated to the specific needs of rangeland ecologists, managers and conservationists, and strive to meet the requirements defined by administrative authorities. It will be based on a thorough assessment of range conditions, the identification of physical and socio-economic factors driving ecosystem processes, and the design and implementation of multi-functional range management scenarios derived in relation to three case studies on quite different rangeland problems.Additionally, GeoRange aims at providing actual and potential end-users with software modules including remote sensing and GIS-related processing tools for optimising their management actions.
Countries: field sites in Greece, Italy and Spain; partners in Germany, Italy, Spain and Greece.
Website: (link expired)
NB: GEORANGE forms a cluster with MEDACTION, MEDRAP and DESERTLINKS, see also these
project descriptions and their websites.