DISMED Desertification Information System for the Mediterranean
Time span: 2000 - ?
Aim: To improve the capacity of national administrations of Mediterranean countries to effectively program measures and policies to combat desertification and the effects of drought.

The main problems to be addressed can be summarized as follows:
- National and sub-regional policies to combat soil degradation are often based on an empirical evaluation and qualitative analysis, rather than on information resulting from data analyses, due to the limited interaction between scientific institutions and policy makers.
- The NAPs of the Mediterranean countries are not based on common and homogeneous information, due to the scarce linkages amongst the national institutions of the different countries.
- Consequently, national and sub-regional policies in the Mediterranean Region are not sufficiently appropriate and consistent.

The aim will be pursued by reinforcing the communication amongst national administrations, facilitating the exchange of information and establishing a common information system to monitor the physical and socio-economic conditions of areas at risk, assess the extent, severity and the trend of land degradation.

Countries: Participating countries: Algeria, Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Libya, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey.
Website: http://dismed.eionet.europa.eu/ (link expired)