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DeSurvey A Surveillance System for Assessing and Monitoring of Desertification
Time span: March 2005 - March 2010
Aim: The project goal is to deliver a compact set of integrated procedures, with application and tutorial examples at the EU and national scales.
Description: In spite of the relevance of diagnosis to help the success of desertification treatment, there is a lack of standardized procedures to perform it at operational scales. This project offers a contribution to fill this gap by complementing assessment of desertification status with early warning of risks and vulnerability evaluation of the involved land use systems. To this purpose the interactive effects of climatic and human drivers of desertification will be taken into account in a dynamic way. Fulfilling this objective requires the integration of a hard core of basic and application-oriented research, with the development of user-support technologies, capacity building, and a wide range of interfacing with other EU and international programmes, affected users and stakeholders, as well as data and technology providers including SMEs. A consortium of 39 organizations with a wide range of skills builds the project partnership.
Countries: Field sites in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy and the performance of DeSurvey in other areas outside Europe will be further tested against other expertise and available procedures in Maghrebian and Sahelian countries as well as in central Chile and NW China.
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