Time span: September 2004 - half 2006
Aim: The project aims at developing a user-tailored, standardised, commonly accepted and operational information system based on EO technology to support national and regional authorities of Annex IV (Northern Mediterranean) countries in reporting commonly to the UNCCD and assessing and monitoring desertification and its trends over time.

This will contribute to:
- The creation of standard and comparable geo-information products from country to country about the status and trends in desertification;
- The creation of a common framework for reporting to the UNCCD for Annex IV countries;
- The creation a common basic infrastructure as a base for further developments where EO plays a key role;
- The development a common methodological approach for all countries in Annex IV to assess and monitoring the desertification problems and identify trends and potential scenarios.

From a methodological viewpoint the project shall exploit the most consolidated scientific results derived from the several research and application projects. In this context, the project aims at bringing the gap between the extensive research work carried out in the last years and the operational needs of the user community.

Countries: Field sites in Italy, Portugal, Greece and Turkey; partners in Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany.
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