DESERTSTOP Remote Sensing and Geoinformation processing in the assessment and monitoring of land degradation and desertification in support of the UNCCD. State of the art and operational perspectives
Time span: August 2004 - July 2006
Aim: This specific support activity intends to serve as a platform to bring together leading scientists working in the fields of remote sensing and geoinformation with a focus on desertification and land degradation with potential users.
Description: In the past years, the persisting threat of desertification and degradation of natural resources has resulted in a large number of initiatives and research efforts on a global scale, including the UNCCD. Despite significant progress, knowledge still remains fragmented in many fields, especially with respect to the definition of related indicators or early warning systems. A dedicated conference striving for attention on a world wide level will be the core around which various other activities are assembled. Commissioned studies in specific target fields will provide an overview on the state of the art, being complemented through methodological and application studies.
Countries: apparently worldwide; coordinator in Germany
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