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Desert*Net Desert*Net (German Competence Network for Research to Combat Desertification)
Time span: long term / not specified
Aim: Desert*Net was founded to form a binding link between different scientists who aim to investigate the complex causes and effects of desertification in interdisciplinary research approaches. The network aims at facilitating and structuring the communication on knowledge, and mobilizing the necessary research on dryland degradation issues.

Desert*Net, as a network of scientist and experts, provides rational data outputs, gives advice on scientific methods and projects, and promotes the co-operation between and to institutions in Germany that work on various fields of desertification research. Desert*Net´s expertise is based on an interdisciplinary group of scientists with long-term field and laboratory experience in basic and applied research on desertification in over 40 countries. Objections include: identifying pressing problems with regard to desertification; developing innovative and interdisciplinary research concepts that are feasible and applicable; raising public awareness of the alarming state of desertification; strengthening and supporting research capacities in order to promote scientific co-operation with affected countries; establishing and intensifying linkages with international research partners; and establishing a mechanism for policy advice. The network is open to all scientists sharing its vision.

Countries: worldwide, board and member-institutes in Germany
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