DESERTLINKS Combating desertification in Mediterranean Europe : linking science with stakeholders (see also DIS4ME)
Time span: December 2001 - March 2005
Aim: The projects primary objective is to contribute to the work of the UNCCD by developing a desertification indicator system for Mediterranean Europe.
Description: There will be extensive collaboration with local stake holders in desertification affected regions in order to identify impact indicators relating to perceptions of land function; driving force and pressure indicators relating to decision making; and response indicators relating to land management measures taken to combat desertification. Composite indicators will be developed combining these stakeholder-identified indicators with bio-physical and socio-economic state indicators already developed for Mediterranean Europe. Together they will form an environmentally sensitive area identification system, for use at the sub-national scale. In addition, coarse scale modelling of soil erosion, salinization and channel processes will provide a regional degradation index at the Mediterranean-wide scale. Finally the indicators of different scale and type will be combined into a desertification indicator system for Mediterranean Europe. The system will be used to explore different management options identified by the local stakeholders. There will be close collaboration with both local stakeholders and the National Committees to test the application of the indicator system to new regions and to validate the local identification of high risk areas and the implications of local scenario analyses. Finally the experiences gained in both the testing and validation will be formulated into guidelines for the UNCCD on the development and use of indicators to manage desertification.
Countries: Countries: Field sites in Portugal, Italy, Spain and Greece, partners in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, the Netherlands and the UK.
NB. DESERTLINKS forms a cluster with GEORANGE, MEDRAP and MEDACTION, see also these project descriptions and their websites.




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