DEMON-II An integrated approach to assess and monitor desertification processes in the Mediterranean basin
Time span: March 1996 - February 1999
Aim: The objective is to use an integration of ecological models and information from operational earth observation and meteorological satellites to assess and monitor regional scale indicators of sensitivity to desertification.
Description: Conceptual and methodological pathways for deriving coherent indicators of vegetation abundance and the erosional state of soils from remotely sensed imagery (reflective and thermal domains) will be optimised, including methodological refinements which permit to use this approach within a larger variety of climatic conditions throughout the Mediterranean. The project further attempts to define the conceptual requirements needed for designing an operational 'Satellitebased Desertification Observatory' for the Mediterranean basin. The development of an approach for future projections of desertification, particularly with respect to the risk of soil erosion and further degradation of vegetation communities (Desertification Susceptibility Index) is an essential part of the project activities
Countries: field sites in France, Spain and Greece; partners in Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, France and Greece
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