DEMON-I An integrated approach to Mediterranean land degradation mapping and monitoring by
remote sensing
Time span: July 1992 - December 1994
Aim: The objectives are to develop and validate methodological procedures for extracting vegetation and soil surface parameters from remotely sensed data for monitoring changes and trends in areas submitted to land degradation and to develop a GIS oriented approach to erosion hazard modelling and mapping.
Description: The field and laboratory measurements will focus, concerning respectively vegetation and soil, on Leaf Area Index, optical properties of leaves, ground checks concerning vegetation mapping, water and chemical content and soil emissivities(box method), soil temperatures (infrared radiometers), soil sample analysis. Major research topic will be the detection and quantification of low amounts of green or dry vegetation (estimation of percent vegetation cover or LAI) and the characterization of soil surface features. This will be done through analysis of spectral indices in relation to vegetation and soil parameters.
Countries: field sites in France and Spain; partners in France, Spain and the Netherlands
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