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COST 634 COST Action 634: On- and Off-site Environmental Impacts of Runoff and Erosion
Time span: 2004 - 2008
Aim: The COST action aims at coordinating and synthesising European soil erosion research in the contexts of land management and policy formulation so as to limit agricultural runoff and to improve soil conservation.
Description: This will increase agricultural multifunctionality and reduce off-site impacts of runoff and erosion. To achieve this goal, the many barriers hindering the implementation of runoff prevention and soil conservation in Europe have to be identified and analysed on all levels, including the scientific, political, administrative and management level. In simultaneously addressing different levels involved in land use decision-making and soil conservation, COST 634 participants will help to identify and solve conflicts and foster integrated solutions for soil conservation and land management that can be accepted by all interest groups.
Countries: partners in France, Germany, UK, the Netherlands, Poland, Denmark; 25 European countries signed in to the COST Action.


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