CORINE Coordination of information on the Environment
Time span: long term (from 1985 onwards)

The three aims of the project are (1) to compile information on the state of the environment with regard to certain topics which have priority for all the Member States of the Community, (2) to coordinate the compilation of data and the organization of information within the Member States or at international level, and (3) to ensure that information is consistent and that data are compatible.

Description: If our environment and natural heritage are to be properly managed, decision-makers need to be provided with both an overview of existing knowledge, and information which is as complete and up-to-date as possible on changes in certain features of the biosphere. In order to determine the Community's environment policy, assess the effects of this policy correctly and incorporate the environmental dimension into other policies, we must have a proper understanding of the different features of the environment, including the state of the individual environments; the geographical distribution and state of natural areas and of wild fauna and flora; the quality and abundance of water resources; land cover structure and the state of the soil etc.. A further objective of the CORINE programme is to bring together all the many attempts which have been made over the years at various levels (international, Community, national and regional) to obtain more information on the environment and the way it is changing.
Countries: Land cover data for most EU15 countries and 12 central and eastern European countries and coastal zones of Morocco and Tunisia.
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