CLIMED Effects of climate change variability in water availability and water management practices
in western Mediterranean
Time span: March 2001 - May 2004
Aim: The main objective of the CLIMED project is to provide information on the foreseeable climatic changes in the Western Mediterranean.
Description: This will be done through a multiple approach which includes field hydrological databases, together with statistical models and physically based models, performing an evaluation on how fresh water resources will vary. The project addresses evapotranspiration of different land uses, by measuring catchments runoff at small catchments, and performs up scaling through statistical methods directed to the analysis of extreme events, through the use of LISEM model. CLIMED has an important socio-economic dimension, which relates the socio-economic data with the information provided by the climate and hydrological stages, in order to produce, for the selected river catchments, an assessment of the impacts of changes on water availability. Another major goal is to build a conceptual model based on integrated management methodologies, defining guidelines to support decision-making processes and strategic paining for water resources, as well as defining policy recommendations based on combined top-down and bottom-up approaches.
Countries: partners in Portugal, Morocco, the Netherlands and Tunisia, study sites in Portugal, Morocco and Tunisia
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