CAMELEO Changes in Arid Mediterranean Ecosystems on the Long term and Earth Observation
Time span: March 1998 - June 2001
Aim: The objective of the project is to develop a comprehensive method for monitoring desertification in the south of the Mediterranean basin, which provides information useful for the operational management of arid lands and which involves all the affected countries.
Description: The main purpose is to discriminate, at local scale, (and after elimination of seasonal fluctuations) areas where soil and vegetation are degrading, where they are stable, where they are recovering (e.g. after restoration action has been taken). In addition, the understanding of the relationships between those changes and land use will be a major objective. This aim is an answer to the need for reliable and detailed data on the condition and evolution of arid zones as has been strongly expressed by officials in charge of environmental policies. Desertification in the northern shore of the Mediterranean is already a concern at the European level. The southern shore is far more affected because of the dryer climate, the inherent fragility of the ecosystems and high demographic pressure.
Countries: Field sites in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt; partners in France and Italy.
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