ASMODE Assessment of remote sensing techniques for monitoring the extent and progression of desertification in the Mediterranean area
Time span: June 1992 - September 1994
Aim: To assess the potential of remote sensing techniques and GIS for the purpose of studying, monitoring, and possibly controlling the dynamics of desertification in the Mediterranean area and as well to close the "scale gap" between site experiments of energy and water exchange at the earth surface, and the desertification processes taking place at national to regional levels.
Description: Data of several satellite-sensors (NOAA-AVHRR, METEOSAT and LANDSAT) are researched on their usefulness for the monitoring of desertification. Two approaches to monitor desertification are followed in the project: (1) The energy and water balance approach to monitor vegetation activity. Satellite measured land surface temperatures and albedo's are used to estimate aridity parameters like net radiation, actual evapotranspiration, and rainfall. (2) The direct monitoring of the vegetation cover using the vegetation index. The project consists of a one-year monitoring experiment generating satellite derived datasets of Spain to be analyzed in connection with field survey data and existing datasets in a GIS.
Countries: partners in the Netherlands and Spain
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