AIDCCD Active exchange of experience on indicators and development of perspective in the context of UNCCD
Time span: February 2003 - June 2006
Aim: The AID CCD project aims at developing and coordinating exchanges of experiences within scientific institutions involved with UNCCD, focusing on "scientific and technical aspects of desertification benchmarks and indicators and remote sensing"; elaborating a review on the use of indicators and benchmarks in the different annexes, with specific references to the response on impact indicators adopted in the NAP within UNCCD; identifying core problems related to indicators to identify future needs to improve UNCCD implementation.
Description: The project addresses the issue of the implementation of the UNCCD in a global perspective, by involving all regional Annexes. In all Annexes, desertification benchmarks and indicators, prevention and mitigation activities and the information circulation systems have been recognised as priority issues and much work has been carried out so far to address them. However, due to a lack of exchange of information among Annexes, these issues have been developed in parallel, producing a relevant quantity of data and information that has never been organised systematically. To achieve the objectives above, two thematic seminars will be realized. These constitute the core activities of the project. Their purpose is to draw up the state of the art, to stimulate exchanges of experience and to identify development perspectives. This should lead to the final objective: showing in a qualitative and whenever quantitative way how science and technology can be used to assist decision makers in mitigating desertification in a sustainable development perspective.
Countries: worldwide; partners in Italy, France, Tunisia, Burkina Faso, Namibia, China and Argentina
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