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The following interviews were broadcast on Dutch, Belgian and Portuguese radio.


Title Description Duration/size Download
Cathelijne Stoof about her PhD research in Portugal Broadcast by Dutch VPRO - Labyrint Radio [language = Dutch] 56:24 min / 51.6 Mb
Celeste Coelho, Sandra Valente and João Soares about the DESIRE project in Portugal  Broadcast on 07 May 2011 by CLICK – Antena 1. [language = Portuguese]  04:11 min / 3.84 Mb 
Jean Poesen about water shortage and desertification in Spain Broadcast on 16 April 2010 by Belgian Radio 1. [language = DUTCH] 03:30 min / 3.0 Mb
Cathelijne Stoof about experimental fires in Portugal Broadcast on 24 Feb 2009 by Dutch VPRO radio 1. [language = DUTCH]  06:51 min / 6.3 Mb
Cathelijne Stoof about experimental fires in Portugal Broadcast on 20 Aug 2008 by Dutch TELEAC radio 1. [language = DUTCH] 05:37 / 5.2 Mb


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