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The analysis and synthesis of the first stakeholder workshops reflects the wealth of information which was gathered and discussed in the study sites. It allows understanding of the similarities as well as the variability between study sites resulting from the various socio-economic and bio-physical settings. Because all the sites represent desertification-prone areas, some major processes (e.g. causes, impacts and indicators) of desertification can be synthesised.

Although their interest was high at the beginning, to keep this dynanism through the project duration is a huge challenge. (Eskişehir, Turkey)

The report contains discussion of

  • how the workshops were conducted in each site;
  • results from the single exercises (the causes and effects of land degradation identified through the water and biomass cycles; local indicators; stakeholders influence on, and motivation for, sustainable land management; assessment of locally applied technologies and approaches; overall strategies for sustainable land management);
  • workshop evaluation (stakeholder involvement and participation; atmosphere; methodology; mutual learning; results and recommendations);
  • strengths and weaknesses of the workshop methodology in the context of DESIRE.


More details ... read on-line or download the full report

WP3.1 Report and synthesis on the 1st stakeholder workshops

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