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NB This report also covers the Góis study site.


A report on the results of the first DESIRE stakeholder workshop held in Mação, Portugal, 14-15 March 2008.


The workshop objectives were:

1. to develop a mutual learning process between local and external stakeholders aroundland degradation and conservation processes;

2. to identify the already applied and the potential strategies to mitigate the desertification processes and;
3. to select the best technologies and approaches to be documented in WOCAT database.


In Portugal, forest fires are one of the major factors of land degradation processes. Affecting large areas every year, they also have serious human, socio-economic and psychological impacts. Two study sites were selected - Mação and Góis. Both sites are located in Central Portugal and are frequently affected by forest fires.


The stakeholders


External factors identified

  • Globalization and market policies;
  • Agricultural and environmental policies, not only at the EU Community level but also at the national and local level;
  • Low perception and knowledge about the local problems shown by technicians and policy makers;
  • Inadequate laws and lack of their implementation and control;
  • Changes on the social, economical and policy conjuncture;
  • Human depopulation.




… of land degradation

  • lack of vegetation;
  • low vegetation regeneration;
  • stony terrains;
  • lack of water;
  • several erosion forms;
  • soils burned;
  • some vegetation associations;
  • decrease and ageing of the population;
  • low public participation;
  • lack of investment.

… of land conservation

  • good practices (contour planting, terraces, water points, walls, forest fire, combat and prevention infrastructures);
  • tracks;
  • cleaned terrains;
  • existence of leisure areas;
  • municipalities approach to these problems;
  • conscientious and receptive population.


View photographs taken during the workshop


More details ... download full report and poster and see general results and conclusions from all sites

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»Identifying strategies: Stakeholder Workshop 1 methodology and summary results from all study sites





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