WOCAT World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies
Time span: ongoing, since 1992
Aim: WOCAT's mission is to provide tools that allow Soil and Water Conservation (SWC) specialists to share their valuable knowledge in soil and water management, that assist them in their search for appropriate SWC technologies and approaches, and that support them in making decisions in the field and at the planning level.
Description: Every day land users and soil and water conservation (SWC) specialists evaluate experience and generate know-how related to land management, improvement of soil fertility, and protection of soil resources. Most of this valuable knowledge, however, is not well documented or easily accessible, and comparison of different types of experience is difficult. This SWC knowledge therefore remains a local, individual resource, unavailable to others working in the same areas and seeking to accomplish similar tasks. This may be one of the reasons why soil and water degradation persists, despite many years of effort throughout the world and high investments in SWC. WOCAT was established as a global network of SWC specialists. It facilitates more efficient use of existing know-how and, consequently, of development funds. It thus helps to optimise the implementation of appropriate SWC and to avoid duplication of effort.
Countries: As a network, WOCAT has a list of collaborating and funding institutions (see website).