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General measuring and monitoring methodologies

Stage 1 of the process of testing soil and water conservation strategies in field experiments


»Field measuring and monitoring methods
There are many methods to measure the same factor, such as soil moisture or vegetation cover. To make partners aware of the methods available, a report was compiled that gives an overview of currently available methods, techniques and instruments. This manual is called “Field measuring and monitoring methods for on-site effects of soil and water conservation measures”.

»Site Implementation Plan blueprint
Every site made a Site Implementation Plan. This plan explains which technologies are tested in the field, how and where exactly this is done, and which factors are monitored. The plan followed a blue print designed for DESIRE, and adapted to fit the local situation. It has 7 sections: problem description, field info and photos, stakeholder info, land use, experimental setup of technology, variables monitored.
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1 Field measuring and monitoring methods
2 Site Implementation Plan blueprint


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