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Four different types of soil and water conservation measures were implemented in 33 the field experiments.


Agronomic measures
  • are usually associated with annual crops
  • are repeated routinely each season or in a rotational sequence
  • are of short duration and not permanent
  • do not lead to changes in slope profile
  • are normally independent of slope.


The agronomic measures implemented in DESIRE were

  • minimum tillage
  • stubble management
  • mulch/residue
  • green cover
  • contour ploughing
  • rotation/fertility
  • deep ploughing with minimum tillage


Vegetative measures
  • involve the use of perennial grasses, shrubs or trees
  • are of long duration
  • often lead to a change in slope profile
  • are often aligned along the contour or against the prevailing wind direction
  • are often spaced according to slope.


The vegetative measure implemented in DESIRE were

  • planting (trees)
  • woven fence
  • fire break


Management measures
  • involve a fundamental change in land use
  • involve no agronomic and structural measures
  • often result in improved vegetative cover
  • often reduce the intensity of use.


The management measures implemented in DESIRE were

  • prescribed burning
  • fencing/resting
  • biogas


Structural measures
  • often lead to a change in slope profile
  • are of long duration or permanent
  • are carried out primarily to control runoff, wind velocity and erosion and to harvest rainwater
  • often require substantial inputs of labour or money when first installed
  • are often aligned along the contour/against prevailing wind direction
  • are often spaced according to slope
  • involve major earth movements and/or construction with wood, stone, concrete etc.


The structural measures implemented in DESIRE were

  • terrace (bench)
  • terrace (sloping)
  • land reclamation (dam)
  • freshwater to wash saline soil
  • drip irrigation
  • water harvesting
  • gully control


What measures were implemented in which study sites?


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  • Source for definitions: Liniger et al. 2008. A framework for documentation and evaluation of sustainable land management technologies. WOCAT/CDE/FAO/ISRIC


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Guadalentín, Spain

Mação and Gois, Portugal

Rendina, Italy

Agia Barbara, Crete, Greece

Augeniki, Crete, Greece

Nestos River Delta, Greece

Karapinar, Turkey

Eskisehir, Turkey

Sehoul, Morocco

Zeuss Koutine, Tunisia

Dzhanibek, Russia

Novy, Russia

Yan River Basin, China

Boteti, Botswana

La Cienega, Cointzio, Mexico

La Cortina, Cointzio, Mexico

Secano Interior, Chile

Ribeira Seca, Cape Verde










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