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Scientific publications resulting from research in the DESIRE project, relating to the Turkish study sites.
List correct as of 11 April 2013



  • Zengin, M., Tolay, I., Ocakoglu, F., Açikalin, S. and Kir, O., 2010. The fertility status of agricultural and pasture soil affected by wind erosion in Central Anatolia. Journal of Arid Environments. (under review)



  • Feras Youssef International Soil Science Congress on Management of Natural Resources to Sustain Soil Health and Quality” to be held on May 26-28, 2010 in Samsun, Turkey.  (Oral presentation in English). The abstract title is: The Spatial Variation in Wind-Blown Sediment Transport in Small Scales in the Karapinar – Turkey
  • Feras Youssef. Oral presentation (in Turkish) in the dryness and desertification symposium in Konya – Turkey. The Turkish name of this symposium was “Ulusal Kuraklik ve Çöllesme Sempozyumu” which took place on June 16 to 18 in Konya / Turkey. The  title of the presentation (in Turkish)  was: “Olay Bazinda Yerel Olarak Elde Edilen Rüzgâr Erozyon Modeli Parametrelerinin Bölgesel Kullanilmasi ve Model Geçerliliginin Arastirilmasi”
  • Youssef, F.Visser, S., Karssenberg, D., Erpul, G. 2010. The Spatial Variation in Wind-Blown Sediment Transport in Small Scales in Karapinar – Turkey. International Soil Science Congress, Department of Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Ondokuz Mayis University,55139 Samsun, TURKEY






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