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Facilitating dissemination

Research theme coordinators: MEDES, Italy


Dissemination of the results and key messages to a wide range of stakeholders has been an important part of DESIRE, right from the start of the project. Local people from the DESIRE study sites have been involved in choosing, trialling and evaluating strategies and technologies to combat desertification. These stakeholders include a wide range of people, from schoolchildren to policy makers, and we need to keep in touch with all of them. News of our progress, as well as our final results, will be made available in different formats, (including posters, leaflets, newsletters and policy briefs) and at different levels of complexity.


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»Guidance on how to create and apply a number of different methods of communication and dissemination.

»Examples of the successful (and unsuccessful) applications of these different methods.

»Related websites where expert advice from various organisations with wide experience of dissemination can be found.

For all the important messages and principal results coming out of DESIRE please see the »Key Messages section on the main HIS menu.



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