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Easy-to-read booklets, leaflets and PowerPoints about different aspects of desertification in Europe Print

During recent decades great progress has been made by the scientific community in understanding the nature and complex causes of land degradation and desertification in Europe.


The  LUCINDA project has provided a concise and comprehensive information pack of 19 titles containing guidelines for sustainable land management in desertification-affected areas. The scientific contents were written by 22 expert authors and were based on the results of some 28 past and on-going research projects.


Each title is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Greek; as a 16 page booklet, summary leaflet and powerpoint presentation.


 Desertification themes

A1 - General introduction to land degradation and desertification (Anton Imeson)
A2 - Desertification and indicators (Jane Brandt and Nichola Geeson)

A3 - Remote sensing techniques for monitoring desertification (Joachim Hill)
A4 - Warning society about desertification (Maria José Roxo)
A5 - Public policies: responding to the challenge of combating desertification (Helen Briassoulis)
A6 - European policy and desertification: evidence from the local scale (Geoff Wilson)


 Desertification processes

B1 - Soil erosion(Anton Imeson and Michiel Curfs)
B2 - Fire(V. Ramon Vallejo and Alejandro Valdecantos)
B3 - Salinisation (Massimo Iannetta and Nicola Colonna)
B4 - Land abandonment (Costas Kosmas, Nicholas Yassoglou, Aikaterini Kounalaki, Orestis Kairis)
B5 - Water use (Christos Karavitis)
B6 - Littoralisation (Pandi Zdruli)
B7 - Climate Change (Clare Goodess)


 Desertification-Affected Landscapes
C1 - Forests and natural landscapes (Leopoldo Rojo Serrano, Ramon Vallejo, Alejandro Valdecantos)
C2 - Traditional and new soil conservation and cultivation structures (Costas Kosmas, Nicholas Yassoglou, Aikaterini Kounalaki, Orestis Kairis)
C3 - Intensive agricultural production using irrigation (Jorge Garcia Gomez and Francisco López Bermúdez)
C4 - Dry agriculture (Giovanni Quaranta)

C5 - Grazing land and pastoral landscapes (Vasilios P. Papanastasis)




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