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Study site stakeholder workshops
Various stakeholders took part in the study site workshop, including farmers, village officials, scientists, teachers and various inhabitants of the study area.


Stakeholder groups
The groups of stakeholders and actors that are involved with or are directly influenced by the decision-making process are:

  • The Ministry of Rural Development and Foods,
  • The Ministry of Planning, Public Works and Environment
  • The Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • The four Prefectures of Chania, Rethymo, Heraklion, and Lasithi
  • The General Administration of Crete (Periphery)
  • The OADYK – Organization for the Development of Western Crete
  • The OANAK- Organization of Water Resources Management of Eastern Crete
  • The Union of Agricultural Associations
  • The ISPOT - Institute of Olive Tress and Subtropical Plants of Chania (NAGREF)
  • The Institute of Vines, Vegetables and Flowers  of Heraklion (NAGREF).
  • National Agricultural Research Foundation –NAGREF ,
  • The Institute of Plant Protection   of Heraklion (NAGREF)
  • The Municipality of Agia Barbara


Sustainability Goals

The analysis of the sustainability goals for protecting natural resources from land degradation and desertification was conducted following two main approaches: (a) farm survey, and (b) stakeholder workshop. The purpose of the farm survey was to collect data on indicators (Research Theme 2) and to discuss with individual farmers possible sustainability goals for environmental protection. The farm survey included informal discussions with the farmers related to: (a) the physical condition of the farm and the problems faced in crop production and loss in land productivity, (b) the impacts of land degradation and desertification on the physical environment and on the social and economical characteristics of the area, and (c) the possible actions and goals for protection and restoration of natural resources. The farm survey was conducted in two dominant land use types: (a) agricultural crops (olives and vines) and (b) and pastures. Forests are also important land uses in the island but these areas are strictly controlled by public agencies.

These 7 sustainability goals were selected from 11 identified goals of sustainability for the study site of Crete. Considering the most important processes of degradation and existing actions or trends for sustainable use of natural resources more widely accepted by the local society, these 7 sustainability goals for land protection from desertification have been identified and proposed.

Goal 1  Policy enforcement of existing regulations on protection of natural resources
Goal 2  Awareness and technology dissemination
Goal 3  Sustainable management of grazing land
Goal 4  Preservation of olive plantations
Goal 5  Water conservation and increasing water availability
Goal 6  Promotion of organic farming
Goal 7  Delineation and protection of productive agricultural soils

More details ...


A more detailed analysis for this study site.

Crete - Stakeholder analysis and sustainability goals (Annex) [111 kB]

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