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The area and people
Many farmers are only part-time farmers.


Study site stakeholder workshops
In Mexico, stakeholder workshops were combined with ongoing projects in which stakeholders were involved (see Desire report 65).


Stakeholder groups
Local government/Project staff   

  • Comisión de Cuenca del Lago de Cuitzeo. Cuitzeo, Michoacán (CCLC) and Comisión de Cuenca del Lago de Patzcuaro, Patzcuaro, Michoacán (CCLP)
  • Municipalities of Morelia, Lagunilla, Acuitzio del Canje, Huiramba and Paztcuaro

Public administration    




      • SAGARPA, SEMARNAT + Government of Michoacán + municipalities




Research Centres and Universities

      • Universidad Nacional Autómona de México (UNAM), Centro de Investigaciones en Geografía Ambiental (CIGA), Morelia, Michoacán  http://www.ciga.unam.mx
      • Universidad Nacional Autómona de México (UNAM), Centro de Investigaciones en Ecosistemas  (CIEco), Morelia, Michoacán http://www.oikos.unam.mx (link expired)
      • Universidad Michoacana San Nicolas de Hidalgo, Instituto de Biologia, Morelia, Michoacán http://www.umich.mx
      • Colegio de Postgraduados, laboratorio de Fertilidad de suelos, Texcoco, Estado de México. http://www.colpos.mx
      • Universidad Autónoma de Chapingo (UACh)- Centro Regional Universitario Centro Occidente (CRUCO), Morelia, Michoacán http://www.cruco.org (link expired)

NGOs / Community based organizations

      • None NGOs
      • Some rural communities of Morelia and Acuitzio del canje
      • “Ejidos” (sort of cooperatives: land belongs to the State but uses given to the families, elected direction, monthly meeting, collective works and decisions for some collective interest problems)


      • None

Media (journalists)    

      • Contacts with local medias (newspapers, radios, TV). One radio on 5 in Morelia, is managed by the University UMSNH.


      • Schools of some of the rural communities

Land users

      •  “Ejidos”
      • Farmers of the study area


More details ...
»Stakeholders & their sustainability goals - overview





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