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A report on the results of the first DESIRE stakeholder workshop on "Land degradation and desertification - existing and potential prevention and mitigation strategies" held in Mopipi, Botswana, 25-28 February 2008.

Authors: Dr. L. Magole, Dr. J. R. Atlhopheng, Prof. Chanda



Main degradation issues or problems in the area

  • Water shortage
  • Drought (prolonged periods of low rainfall)
  • Poverty
  • High livestock mortality
  • Loss of vegetation cover


List of Currently Applied Strategies List of Potential Strategies
1. Water harvesting
2. Water mining (boreholes)
3. Dam building
4. Harvest storage
5. Government drought relief programmes
6. Relocating
7. Supplementary feeding for livestock
8. Engage in crafts making and other informal
9. Rely on Government aid
10. Depend on veld fruits
11. Plough anyway
1.Build more dams to capture rain water
2.Recycle water
3.Conserve water
4.Use recycled water for irrigation
5.Learn and apply new water efficient irrigation
6.Build community harvest storage facilities
7.Diversify into wildlife farming
8.Set and adhere to appropriate stocking rates
9.Diversify into commercial farming
10.Build e to appropriate stocking rates
11.Rear livestock breeds which are drought
12.Involve all stakeholders in policy development
and implementation
13.Use biogas


Overall Strategy Top Five Strategies
Poverty alleviation 1. Use of biogas as energy source
2. Diversify into wildlife farming
3. Irrigation
4. Commercial farming
5. Intensify dam building



Conclusions: Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Community willingness to participate in the project activities
  • Local leadership support for the project initiative
  • High participation and interest of literate youth
  • An appreciable level of awareness regarding livelihood related environmental conservation issues in the area
  • Low capacity to implement remediation strategies
  • Non participation of Government extension officers in the workshop


More details ... download the full report and poster and see results and general conclusions from other study sites

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