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The DESIRE research project is part of the European Union's on-going commitment to

provide science and technology support to EU stakeholders and the relevant organisations in partner countries for developing and/or improving their strategies, planning and implementation plans against desertification and thus contribute directly to the UNCCD Convention for desertification, ... and to the science programme of the "Committee for Science and Technology (CST)" the mandate of which is to support scientifically COP (Conference Of The Parties) with information and advice on scientific and technological matters relating to combating desertification and mitigating the effects of drought.

European Commission FP 7 Cooperation Work Programme: Environment


To this end we have written a number of briefing and other documents as contributions to the debates at the Conferences of Parties (COP) and Committees for the Review of the Implementation of the Convention (CRIC).


More details ... see individual articles

UNCCD COP10, Changwon, October 2011

»DESIRE and zero growth

»Engaging with people affected by desertification

»Putting knowledge into action

United Nations General Assembly, September 2011

»DESIRE and the UNCCD 10 Year Strategic Plan

UNCCD COP9/CRIC8/CST Conference, Buenos Aires, September 2009

»White papers for UNCCD CST 2009

UNCCD CRIC7, Istanbul, November 2008

»Is the UNCCD stuck in a knowledge traffic jam?

Summary position papers

»Framework for knowledge management

»Food security in drylands


# Article Title
1 DESIRE and zero growth
2 Engaging with people affected by desertification
3 Putting knowledge into action
4 DESIRE and the UNCCD 10 Year Strategic Plan
5 White Papers for UNCCD CST 2009
6 Is the UNCCD stuck in a knowledge traffic jam?
7 Framework for knowledge management
8 Food security in drylands


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DESIRE brought together the expertise of
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