In the DESIRE project we are working hard to improve communication between scientists, and between scientists and a wide range of stakeholders. New scientific developments may not be used unless the right people get to know about how successful they are.


This part of the HIS provides some ideas for improving dissemination of information that are being used in DESIRE.

The main document is a comprehensive "Manual of communication and dissemination" which is available for download. This is supported by further practical advice and some PowerPoint presentations which formed part of training sessions on dissemination ideas for the third plenary meeting of DESIRE in Rabat, Morocco, (October 2009), and the fourth plenary meeting of DESIRE in Xi’an, China (October 2010).


# Article Title
1 Manual of communication and dissemination
2 Guidelines to writing a policy brief
3 International dissemination opportunities for articles and press releases
4 Dissemination guidance from expert organisations
5 Dissemination training
6 Steps for planning dissemination
7 Matching information complexity to the audience
8 Stakeholder involvement
9 Networking, communication and media tools
10 The RIFT principle
11 Making videos
12 Making DESIRE posters, newsletters, info-briefs, booklets and PowerPoint presentations


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