Dissemination strategy Print
The dissemination strategy for this study site identifies a number of different target audiences to whom information and results from the project can be addressed. The contents of messages, the format in which they are delivered and their expected impact vary from one audience to another.


1. Local and regional stakeholders


Location Rendina study site, Italy 
Message Local  impacts of land degradation and effectiveness of solutions.
Product format Leaflet, Journal article.
Method of dissemination Article in magazine specifically oriented to stakeholders, leaflet disseminated by hand at meetings.
Expected impact Increased awareness of the problems related to desertification and erosion and local impacts of solutions, leading to higher acceptance of solutions.



2. Scientists and stakeholders from South Eastern European countries and others


Location South East Europe, Mexico.
Message Sustainability of soil protection.
Product format Journal article, posters, oral conference presentation.
Method of dissemination Internet, oral presentation, e-mail.
Expected impact International scale dissemination and results sharing of DESIRE scientific outputs.



3. International scientific community and policy makers


Location International Academic Conferences 
Message Sustainable Land Management and feasible
measures to reduce soil and water loss for agriculture 
Product format Scientific journal article, Oral conference presentation  
Method of dissemination Journal article, oral presentation 
Expected impact Discussion of the effectiveness and feasibility of conservation measures, alternative strategies